The Flees.

We are Shawna Lee, Ian Freeman-Lee, and Bob Freeman. Our friends know us as "The Flees". We live at Clearwater Commons in Bothell, WA. Ian lives up on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

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Bob, Ian and Shawna


Bad Alien Productions

Bob and Shawna are involved with David Roomes in fullfilling Bob and David's long held dream to build a working film, animation, video and audio recording studio. It is called Bad Alien Productions. Visit their web site to get the latest scoop.

Fleebag Studios

Bob's private studio, Fleebag Studios has produced several animations and other bits of art. His shorts Skeeters and Footage are worth a visit to the studio web site.

The Clearwater Commons

We and a group of friends are living in an intentional, low-impact community just north of Bothell. This will also be the home of Bad Alien Productions. Visit the Clearwater Commons Website for more information.

The Clearwater Schoool

We are two of the founders of The Clearwater School. Seattle's Sudbury school modelled after Sudbury Valley School in Massachusetts.

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