Gong Bao Chicken with Peanuts

This recipe is based on the one at The Splendid Table. We changed a couple things when we served it at Cinema Flee. We made a 5 times quantity and it served 12 people with just a bit left over. Ingredients 1 lb chicken. Mix of breast and thigh meat is good. 3 cloves...

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Hummus from Scratch

I've been on a kick lately trying to see how cheaply I can make something really good.  This one turned out well. Buying sesame seeds instead of commercial tahini allows you to toast them and gives the hummus a nice texture. I figured out the seeds cost about half of...

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Bob’s Recipe Blog

I’ve been getting into cooking a lot more lately and have been refining recipes. Some recipes will be simple, some more involved. I also welcome guest posted recipes – let me know if you want to. Please comment!